Why You Should Buy a Hybrid

Now is still a great time to buy a new hybrid

Strong Demand

Hybrids cars, those that use both electricity and gasoline as fuel, are certainly the hottest products out there. And for good reason: They cost less to operate on a daily basis than similarly equipped gas-only cars and trucks.

But will newer models in coming years offer even better fuel economy? “No!” says HybridCars.Com, the leading online advocate for alternative energy vehicles. The reason is that as much as consumers want to save money at the pump, they want creature comforts and safety more. And the more you add to a vehicle to make it cushy, fun, and protective, the more weight the car has to move around and thus the more fuel the car uses. As quickly as fuel-saving technology may be advancing, it isn’t enough to overcome the weight of airbags, sound-insulation, crash-absorbing frames, GPS systems, six speakers, and that extra inch of seat padding we all like.

Upcoming technologies

Yes, there are promising technologies on the horizon. Imagine no stops at the pump; just plug your car into the wall at night! That’s maybe 2011 or 2012 as a best estimate, with still no clue as to how many miles a plug-in vehicle will travel before you need to find a socket. Oh, and you want that plug-in car to be affordable, too? That’ll be a few more years.

Hydrogen fuel cells? Some time in the 2020s. And cars that run on compressed air? Right! If that one was easy, we’d already have lawn mowers that could do that.

Future Pricing Changes

Ever hear that hybrids are too expensive, so wait until the price comes down? If hybrids are flying off the showroom floor now, the only way that the price will fall is if demand for hybrids drops significantly. I don’t see that happening, do you? I do see, however, gas prices continuing to go up in the future.

If you think that hybrid technology is still unproven, you might want to consider who offers hybrids and for how long. Honda – The Insight came out in 1999. Toyota and Lexus – Only the top sellers—since 1997.. Porsche – Well, today you can buy a hybrid Cayenne. Or, back in 1902 – Ferdinand Porsche was selling the Lohner-Porsche petrol-electric “Mixte,” the world's first hybrid car.

So, if you want fuel economy, in a safe, nice-looking car, with all the amenities, why wait? You’ve got the advantage of great model choices, good availability, and probably the best prices, too. Check with CarQuotes.com for exclusive pricing for new hybrid, and will wave at the pump as you drive on by.

Current Models

There are probably more hybrid vehicles available today than you think. To check out current hybrid models, click here


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